This is a list with the most common Discord-related terms:

  • Guild - A synonym for server
  • Selfbot - A client account bot, usually logged in to a user's own account
  • Sharding - Splitting a bot into several independent shards, see Sharding
  • Token - Used to login instead of requiring a username + password
  • Embed - A "fancy" message, see Embed FAQ
  • Ratelimit - Prevents you from spamming actions, see Ratelimit FAQ
  • Websocket - A TCPopen in new window "connection" to Discord that receives events, see Wikipediaopen in new window
  • Gateway - The address for the websocket
  • Rest / Rest Request - RESTopen in new window is used to perform actions like sending messages. Rest Requests do not require an active websocket connection.
  • Activity - The text underneath the username, usually Playing Xyz
  • Rich Presence - A more detailed activity, see Discord Docsopen in new window