Welcome to the Javacord wiki! 👋

This wiki will help you to get started with your first Discord bot as fast as possible.

📚 Structure of the wiki

The wiki is divided into four groups:

  • Getting Started focuses on teaching you how to setup up everything to get the most basic bot working.
  • Basic tutorials contains articles about various concepts and classes of Javacord. Take a look at the headlines of each article and decide yourself, if it is relevant for you.
  • Advanced Topics focuses on some more advanced topics that are not strictly necessary to start working with Javacord, but might become handy later on.
  • Essential Knowledge teaches you the most important Java features/classes that you should know to comfortably work with Javacord. If you already have decent Java knowledge, you can skip this completely.

🤝 Support

While the wiki is great and covers many aspects of Javacord, we highly recommended you to join our Discord server if you have any questions: