Embed FAQ

What is an embed?

This is an embed:


How can I create an embed in Javacord?

Javacord provides an EmbedBuilder which can be used to create embeds:

// Create the embed
EmbedBuilder embed = new EmbedBuilder()
    .setAuthor("Author Name", "http://google.com/", "https://cdn.discordapp.com/embed/avatars/0.png")
    .addField("A field", "Some text inside the field")
    .addInlineField("An inline field", "More text")
    .addInlineField("Another inline field", "Even more text")
    .setFooter("Footer", "https://cdn.discordapp.com/embed/avatars/1.png")
    .setImage(new File("C:/Users/Bastian/Pictures/puppy.jpg"))
    .setThumbnail(new File("C:/Users/Bastian/Pictures/kitten2.png"));
// Send the embed

What image sources are supported?

Javacord allows you to use several image sources. By default embeds expect a link (e.g. the image link used in setThumbnail(...)), but you can also use attachments for images. If you provide a non-url image source (e.g. the puppy.jpg file used in setImage(...)), Javacord automatically uploads them as a an attachment to the message and uses this attachment for the embed.

What is the second parameter of setAuthor(...)?

.setAuthor("Author Name", "http://google.com/", "https://cdn.discordapp.com/embed/avatars/0.png")
  • First parameter: The name of the author
  • Second parameter: A link for the author (e.g. their homepage). Can be null.
  • Third parameter: The avatar of the author

What’s the difference between an inline field and a normal one?

Normal fields always start in a new line, whereas several inline fields can be in the same line.

What is the size limit for embeds?

Type Limit
Title 256 characters
Field Amount Up to 25 fields
Field Name 256 characters
Field Value 1024 characters
Footer Text 2048 characters
Author Name 256 characters

In addition to the limits above, the sum of all characters in an embed structure must not exceed 6000 characters.

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